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Helpful Tips In Rewiring An Old Home

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Helpful Tips In Rewiring An Old Home

On March 25, 2016, Posted by , In Rewiring, With No Comments

rewiringThere are many home owners that are proud of their old homes, proudly telling everyone about the year that their house was built. You can here many of them say about having their house built during the civil war and more. All the things they say can be impressive. However, when it comes to the electrical wiring of this home, the system built in the past may not be that good. Old homes can indicate old wiring. And old wiring has the tendency to be faulty at times and may lead to fire. That is why, rewiring is needed. However, how should this be done?

The initial step to be taken is to ask for advice on this regard. Any contractor will be happy to help you. When you do this on your own, you will have to ascertain that proper safety gear will be used. Proper protection for the eyes, shoes with rubber soles and an attitude on carefully double checking your work is needed. Some individuals, in spite of the advice given, attempt to do their own wiring. However, it is important that an electrician will check this.

It will also help if you read this here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Do_it_yourself. When you have the determination of doing the work by yourself, you need to know that turning off the electrical supply is one crucial thing you must do. It is the right time to make a decision of what cable sizes you usually get. Then the tricky part is next. Truth be told, an electrical expert is best suitable for the work of getting rid of old wirings and having new ones installed.

Rewiring a home by yourself will require a lot of steps to be taken which includes locating the breaker box, recording and determining which and how many light there are, outlets as well as switches that lead to every breaker. At times, this may be done through following someone’s sound knocking right above the switch or outlet. You may have the outlet or switch to be pulled out and make sure that enough wire is left in the box to cut and work with.

Next, wirings need change. Wirings should be changed and have the box removed by an assistant. Ascertain that enough old wiring is removed so that new wires can be attached. Wires need to be loose. Insulation must be peeled half a foot or more and have the white and black wires removed. Ground wires must be loped. Power outlets must then be installed. Repeat all steps for every outlet in your home.

Re-insulate all wires expect the white, black and ground so that switches can be fixed. Green colored screws must be used to fix all wires. And if all is set up, lights can now be installed. Then, have the breaker box completed. It is important that plenty of wire will be left for you to work with.

Always focus on the task you will do as one mistake can be fatal. Indeed, one great precaution you can have is hiring professionals to do the job. You can surely enjoy your wiring system for the years to come.

Is this complicated for you? Majority of people think of this as complicated. Which is why, it is highly advised to hire a professional Hornsby electrician to perform this work on your home.

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